Antonio Meridda

We are nothing but a species. Another 2 million make the world wonderful.

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The New Book by Antonio Meridda
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Let’s meet the other 2,000,000 non-human species

Antonio Meridda was born in Cagliari in the distant 25/04/1974.

Animals are his destiny and his life, and he spent his whole life trying to understand them better.

He specializes in ecology with a thesis on isopods, those common and undervalued terrestrial crustaceans that everyone calls “the so-called little balls under the stones”.

Become an expert in communication, human and animal, in particular of body language and hypnosis. After successfully hypnotizing rabbits, lizards and chickens, he devotes himself to dogs, and elaborates, in collaboration with various universities, the dog’s facial language.

This is much more successful than isopods, so he obtains the titles of dog trainer, veterinary nurse and, above all, a master’s degree in pets ethology.

Now he is devoting himself to decidedly more lively animals: the crocodiles and their communication. Why did you choose these animals? Logical, because they live on 4 continents out of 5 (all except Europe) and because they have powerful and lethal jaws.

A life spent in knowing and loving animals

Antonio Meridda has traveled the world taking bites, scratches, stings and venoms, but all this has not dissuaded him from loving animals and dedicating his life to knowing them.

He kissed wolves, swam with sharks, held alligators in his arms and weaned offspring of dozens of species. He not only loves animals, he knows and studies them. He has the title of ethologist, veterinary nurse, dog trainer and animal guard.

In his books and courses he poured out everything he knows and his feelings for all creatures, from immense whales to tiny tardigrades.

A thousand questions, a thousand answers: let's learn to understand animals

Do you want to learn to understand animals better, especially domestic ones?

Do you want to understand why your dog licks his nose, why your cat scratches your furniture, why does your rabbit eat the baseboard and why are the seagulls living in the cities?

The answers to this and a thousand other questions are in this site.

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