Antonio Meridda

Who is Antonio Meridda

Antonio Meridda was born in Cagliari in the distant 25/04/1974.

After a terrible school career, he chose a scientific career, graduating in natural sciences with the highest grades. He specializes in ecology with a thesis on isopods, those common and undervalued terrestrial crustaceans that everyone calls “the so-called little balls under the stones”.

He is 8 particularly interested in their communication (to those interested: it works with infrasounds). Realizing that animal communication did not interest anyone while human communication did, and discovering with pleasure that the two models were practically overlapping, he obtained a master’s degree in scientific journalism. In particular, it deepens communication with body language and hypnosis.

He writes several books on these topics and holds courses throughout Italy. After studying human coupling, he focuses on his first love, animals. After successfully hypnotizing rabbits, lizards and chickens, he devotes himself to dogs, and elaborates, in collaboration with various universities, the dog’s facial language.

This is much more successful than isopods, so he obtains the titles of dog trainer, veterinary nurse and, above all, a master’s degree in pets ethology. Now he is devoting himself to decidedly more lively animals: the crocodiles and their communication.

Why did he choose these animals? Logical, because they live on 4 continents out of 5 (all except Europe) and because they have powerful and lethal jaws.

He has never abandoned his studies on isopods, which at least do not bite, and continues to produce books and videocourses on animals.

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